CasualChic is a personal fashion & lifestyle blog from Germany. But why CasualChic? When it came to finding a name for my blog, I asked myself how I would describe my own style, if somebody asked – and here we go – CasualChic. My name is Katharina, I am 25 years old and currently in my Master studies in business. The classic, chic and clean aspects about fashion fascinate me but I am also attracted by a casual and extravagant style – sophisticated with a twist.

The focus of CasualChic is on women´s fashion, nevertheless I am convinced that there are many men who are likewise into fashion. Therefore you can find both, the category Mrs. CasualChic as well as the category Mr. CasualChic which will be filled with outfits by Glenn. The Inspiration categeroy is about diverse articles regarding fashion, beauty, trends and lifestyle.

As for me, the people and the style on the street play a key role during my inspirational process, I created the category Street-à-Porter which will be updated on a monthly basis – trying to find the latest trend on the streets.

My wish is not just to provide you with the latest fashion trend – which indeed should be one of my main intentions as a fashion blogger – beyond that I would also love to inspire you on a general basis regarding styles, combinations and a passion for fashion.



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