Epigenetik und Ernährung

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Durch das klassische Tiermodell der Agouti viable yellow-Maus gelang es zu zeigen, dass die Ernährung tatsächlich epigenetisch durch DNS-Methylierung einen transgenerationellen Einfluss auf den Phänotyp ausüben kann. So führt die Supplementierung von trächtigen Mäusen mit Substraten des C1-Metabolismus zur Änderung der Fellfarbe und Suszeptibilität für die Entwicklung von Adipositas der Nachkommen. Aus vielen Humanstudien wird deutlich, dass die Ernährung das Risiko z. Besonders interessant sind hier Studien mit eineiigen Zwillingen aufgrund ihrer genetischen Identität. Diese unterstützen z. Nahrungsfaktoren können zu Veränderungen des Epigenoms führen und damit nimmt die Ernährung als Umweltfaktor über die Epigenetik Einfluss auf die Ausprägung des Phänotyps. Der Forschungsbereich der Nutriepigenetik kann somit zu einem wichtigen Teilbereich im humanen Epigenomprojekt werden, das sich weltweit organisiert. Abstract Epigenetic research investigates various molecular mechanisms such as DNA methylation and histone modifications.

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Analysis Abstract Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD is a life-threatening lung disease, affecting millions of people worldwide. Implementation of Machine Learning ML techniques is central for the effective management of COPD in home-care environments. However, shortcomings of cloud-based ML tools in terms of data safety and energy efficiency border their integration with low-power medical devices. To address this, energy efficient neuromorphic platforms can be used for the hardware-based implementation of ML methods. Therefore, a memristive neuromorphic platform is presented in this paper for the on-chip recognition of saliva samples of COPD patients and healthy controls. Integration of this technology into personalized healthcare devices will enable the better management of chronic diseases such as COPD.

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Altogether relevant data are within the paper and in Supporting Information files. Conceptual Nasturtium Tropaeolum majus L. We found that a hydrolysis product of benzyl glucosinolate—the benzyl isothiocyanate BITC —modulates the intracellular localization of the transcription aspect Forkhead box O 1 FOXO1. FoxO transcription factors can antagonize insulin belongings and trigger a variety of cellular processes involved in tumor suppression, longevity, development and metabolism. The current analyse evaluated the ability of BITC—extracted at the same time as intact glucosinolate from nasturtium and hydrolyzed with myrosinase—to modulate i the insulin-signaling pathway, ii the intracellular localization of FOXO1 and, iii the expression of proteins involved in gluconeogenesis, antioxidant response and detoxification. Stably transfected human osteosarcoma cells U-2 OS with constitutive expression of FOXO1 protein labeled with GFP green fluorescent protein were used en route for evaluate the effect of BITC on FOXO1. Human hepatoma HepG2 cell cultures were selected to evaluate the achieve on gluconeogenic, antioxidant and detoxification genes and protein expression. Knockdown analyses along with specific siRNAs showed that the expression of gluconeogenic genes was dependent on nuclear factor erythroid derived -like2 NRF2 and independent of FOXO1, AKT after that NAD-dependent deacetylase sirtuin-1 SIRT1. The current study provides evidence that BITC capacity have a role in type 2 diabetes T2D by reducing hepatic glucose production and increasing antioxidant resistance.


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